Dusty Tech

Electronic Music Artist

Techno music with pulse cut drops and hammers ready to crush dancefloors are his sound definition. Always with hard and groovy leaders on top.

Exclusive Releases

Artwork of the Exclusive Soundtracks for Nathalie Chandler at Barcelona Fashion Week 2023, Fashion Show
Soundtrack, Electronic, Downtempo


Breaks Codes and three exclusive soundtracks that produced for the catwalk of clothing brand, Nathalie Chandler, at 080 Barcelona Fashion Week 2023.

This project perfectly captures the brand's noticeable rock style and chic touch, with unique beats and strong sound electronic music elements in the down-tempo composition.

What sets this project apart is the engagement of Salomé Chandler, a high standing actor based in LA, who lends her vocal talents to the one of the piece.

Even Vouge Magazine reviewed the Breaks Codes by Nathalie Chandler and in 080 Barcelona Fashion mentioned the "Nathalie Chandler has started the first show of the day with a very cool collection to the rhythm of electronic music." This runway music deals with innovative and distinctive atmosphere and sounds for the impressive punk rock style of Nathalie Chandler brand and pushing the boundaries in fashion and design.
Electronic, Experimental

- Iran 1401

“Iran 1401” is for the brave people of Iran. It demonstrates the revolutionary way in Iran since Mahsa Amini has been killed to when the people believed they are in a revolution and finally reaching to the freedom.

The atmosphere of the music draws this complicated period of history in Iran, the pain of resistance and fighting for their rights of freedom and the fear of the current regime in Iran.
Runway of Nathalie Chandler, 080 Barcelona Fashion Week 2023

Watch the complete Catwalk show

Dance Floor Releases


- Surafil : Arazel

Hard Techno

- Steer


- Night Operation


Navid Mostafavi a.k.a. Dusty Tech is a Barcelona based Techno Producer / DJ and the founder of Stonechrom event, also live instrumental jam performer that coming from a Persian background, Iran.

Dusty Tech played his first festival experience in 2019 at the Metro Dance Club (28th Anniversary) in Spain alongside artists like Shlømo, Indira Paganotto, Lady Starlight, Adriatique, De La Swing, and many others to mention.

Following the event, the prestigious Spanish journal, La Vanguardia, interviewed and named him as the future talent of the hard techno scene. His way in electronic music began in 2013, and he released tracks on record labels, namely The Acid Mind Recordings, Finder Records, etc.

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Music Industry & Collaborations

In May 2023, he produced the exclusive runway soundtracks for a clothing brand, Nathalie Chandler, and merged for their whole catwalk show at 080 Barcelona Fashion Week.

Today, he produces exclusive projects for brands, companies and artists as well.

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Dusty Tech is not only about the clubbing industry!

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